What is a Mortgage Broker?

Think of a mortgage broker as your personal loan shopper where you only have to apply once and off the races the broker goes to find you a low wholesale rate which is only available through a mortgage broker.

The mortgage broker is a licensed mortgage expert that is able to offer low wholesale rates, lower fees, and more choice. That's because the broker is not limited to what just one bank offers. The mortgage broker has access to multiple wholesale lenders.

Do you do both home loans and real estate?

Yes, we are able to offer both mortgage and real estate services although we primarily focus on home loans. If you were referred to us by a real estate agent for your home loan, we will not work with you on any real estate transactions and refer you back to your agent.

Are you available after hours and on the weekends?

Yes, we try our best to work around your schedule after hours and on the weekends.

Do you do loans in Sacramento?

Yes, we can do loans in Sacramento and all of California.

Do you do hard money loans?

Yes, but only on a case by case basis. Hard money loans are generally expensive so that's why we have to know that you know what you are doing. If we don't think it's in your best interest, we won't do it.

Do you do commercial loans?

Yes, we do small commercial loans on a case by case basis. Talk to us about your project to see what financing options are available.

What if I have bad credit or little to no credit?

We'll show you know you can build your credit and ways you can improve your credit scores to help you qualify for a home loan. If we can't help fix your credit, we'll point you in the right direction to either fix it on your own or get professional help.