Going to your bank to get your home loan is like buying your plane ticket at the last minute from the airport counter. You're going to pay the full retail price.

We offer low wholesale rates, lower fees, and more choice than what your bank can offer. Chat with us now to see the low rates we can offer you.

Get Your Quote in 3 Easy Steps

  • Start with a friendly chat via website chat, phone or by email.
  • Tell us about your home loan needs (e.g., loan amount, purchase or refinance).
  • We'll present with loan options along with rates and fees best suited for your needs. 

United Mortgage Advantage

More Choice, Low Wholesale Rates & Fees for Your Next Home Loan

Low Wholesale Rates

Get access to low wholesale rates you won't find at your local bank.

Low Fees

Enjoy low rates AND low fees. We even have zero cost loans and loans with as little as 1% down payment.

More Choice

You're not limited to just what one bank offers. You can access to the best loan programs and options from top wholesale lenders.

Get Pre-Approval Letter

You'll need a pre-approval letter before you can submit an offer on a home. The seller like to see that you'll be approved for a home loan and the pre-approval letter will show them exactly that.

Getting your pre-approval letter is easy. We'll get you pre-approved for a home loan the same day (usually within hours).

Click the button below to go to our pre-approval page for more information:

The Loan Process


Application, Pre-Approval, and Loan Options: the first step is to get pre-approved for your refinance or purchase loan. Simply complete a loan application with one of our loan officers. They will run your credit and verify your income and assets. You will be presented with all of the loan programs and loan options you qualify for. The loan options will include an estimate of interest rates, fees, and monthly payment amount. This is a critical step and we'll help you pick the loan program and options that best meet your needs.


Appraisal and Final Loan Approval: an appraisal is required for all purchase loans. Sometimes we're able to get a waiver for an appraisal for refinance loans. The appraisal determines the value of your home.

An underwriter from one of our wholesale lending partners will review your loan and issue a final approval. Title and Escrow will also be open during this process. The underwriter will give us a list of things that must be done before the loan can close. The list includes things like verifying employment, insurance, property value, etc. We'll work closely with all involved to coordinate and check things off the list. Once completed, your loan will be cleared to fund and close.


Close and celebrate: we'll do a final loan review with you and go over the term, costs, and interest rate. Once you give us the green light to close, you'll sign the loan documents (usually at your home or Title company). Your loan will be funded usually within 24 hours for purchases and 72 hours for refinances. It'll then get recorded with the County and it's time to celebrate!

Loan Programs

As a Mortgage Broker, United Mortgage is able to offer the widest range of loan programs. You're not limited to the offerings of just one bank. Instead, you have access to a full assortment of loans including:

  • VA & FHA (Conventional and Jumbo)
  • Fixed rate loans and ARMs
  • Special programs like 1% down payment
  • Hard money, small commercial and SBA
  • Plus more


How long does the loan process take?

We have closed loans in little as 12 days; however, most loans close within 30 days. The most common reason for delays is not receiving the requested information in a timely manner.

Why are your rates lower than what my bank is offering?

Banks have high overhead with staff and retail locations so they offer what we call in the industry 'retail rates'. We offer wholesale rates which are usually a lot lower than retail rates. Wholesale lenders are only accessible through mortgage brokers like United Mortgage.

Which banks do you use or work with?

We have access to many wholesale lenders across the United States. We shop for the best wholesale rates and terms we can find that meet your needs. The wholesale lenders may sell your loan to a traditional bank after the loan is completed.

What if I have issues with my credit?

We can work with credit scores as low as 580 and work with you to improve your credit with a step by step game plan.

Do you do loans for investment properties?

Yes, we do loans for residential investment properties as well as small commercial properties on a case by case basis.

Do you work with new construction or home builders?

We are the preferred finance partner for Cresleigh Homes and we work with home builders to provide mortgage financing for new construction homes.